Come {SHINE} w/ Us!

Oh hey! 

We are always looking to have like-minded, heart centered people join us! Inquire here about a Leadership Position with The {SHINE} Era. This is suited to people who want to move fast and are willing to dive straight into the business. 

This exciting opportunity is for you if: 

- You are a passionate self-starter ready to transform your life
- You are committed to sharing natural solutions and wellness
- You are willing to commit to sharing and building a business
- You are open to being mentored & will commit to on-going training, learning and growth
- You are willing to do the personal development work and push through boundaries
- Are ready to invest in your starter kit
- You can commit to a monthly ordering requirement of approximately $100-$150 each month (this is your monthly overhead in your business and we work together so that you get this covered quickly)
- You can dedicate at least 10-15 hours per week to your doTERRA business
- You are ready to transform your financial future

You may:

- Already have an online following

-Have an existing business or clientele
- Have experience in business or network marketing
- Are a mama wanting to help provide, but need flexibility working from home

Please inquire
here if you are serious about launching a doTERRA business.

*Please realize you cannot already be an existing Wellness Advocate.


If you’re ready to make big, lasting changes in your physical and financial health, then you’re ready to start your own essential oils business!


Partnering with doTERRA, the world's most amazing essential oil company, has seriously been one of the best decisions we have ever made, and we’re so beyond excited you’re here and we can’t wait to share this journey with you!


  • You can earn an extra $200, $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000+ each month.

  • You’ll receive access to full training and support in our amazing Leader’s Circle Community

  • I will personally coach you on how to run your own (classes, webinars, 1:1) and share these amazing oils so you will be able to grow your business quickly.

  • By joining our team you will receive access to our 1:1 mentoring program to help you hit the ground running.

  • I’ll place people on your team to help you increase your earning potential.

  • Earn unlimited commissions simply by referring your friends, family and prospects.




I can tell you first hand that getting your essential oils business up a running is hard work, but if you show up and put in the time-the sky is the limit!

Opportunity and Earning Disclosure Summary



  • Self-motivated

  • Willing to build your own team

  • Ready to start with an enrollment kit- see kits here

  • Willing + able to order $100+ of products each month so that you can earn full commissions and receive other business building benefits

  • Devoting time and energy to your business each week

If you’re interested in earning and creating an extra income that’s in alignment with your core principles about health, well being and holistic living, then this is an opportunity for you!


You can start by inquiring here so we can discuss whether this is the right opportunity for you.

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