new year - new you

Boise, Idaho 

11-12 January 2019



Indulge in activities at your leisure, taking part in as much or as little as you like. From a foot zoning session, to a cooking workshop, to mindfulness meditations +  a new year plan of action! 

There is something for everyone. Nurturing body, mind, and soul.

Our schedule of events will be balanced and 

you are invited to try everything! 

where you will be staying

Located a few miles within Downtown Boise and minutes from the popular Village in Meridian.  This cozy home will set the tone for an amazing weekend away! There are 5 guest rooms and 3 bathrooms, all lovely, clean, modern and very comfortable.

There is a common gathering place around the fire and a beautiful dining room.

We’re connected to wifi, although we encourage you to digital detox as much as possible!

*reservation costs vary due to room sizes







the food you will be eating



 You will learn  natural and wholesome foods to be used to nourish your mind +  make your body burst with energy and vitality.  Cozy up to a warm bowl of soup and enjoy the evening cooking workshop.

Think fresh and quality ingredients,  super juices,  and guilt free treats.

Your retreat chef will provide you with delicious food from a variety of fresh sources, full of color and nutrients. You will receive 2 dinners, 1 breakfast, 1 lunch + snacks

where you will serve

At our shine retreats we wish to cultivate a connection to the community and strive to giveback where ever we may go... During our stay we will have an opportunity to tie a quilt for the local Women's & Children's Alliance

foot zoning

Guests will have a first come first serve opportunity to book a foot zone during their stay. (6 available) 

Zone Therapy encourages the body’s natural healing capability by stimulating:

  • blood circulation 

  • hormone balance 

  • lymph flow 

  • digestion 

  • assimilation 

  • elimination 

  • function of the autonomic nervous system 

Most important benefits include:

  • renewing cell systems 

  • rejuvenating life\ energy 

  • bringing the body into balance 

  • assess the body’s current state of health 

essential oils  
The most potent and pure essential oils will benefit every experience you encounter. From the kitchen table to your foot zone and beyond... you will leave with a sense of empowerment to create this elevated quality of life at home. 
what will the cost be?

It’s your weekend, we want to offer a few options to feel your most comfortable. The room options are:


Bedroom 1 (shared occupancy king)

  • EARLY BIRD $235

  • FULL PRICE $270

Bedroom 2 (shared occupancy queen)

  • EARLY BIRD $220

  • FULL PRICE  $255

Bedroom 3 (shared occupancy queen) 

  • EARLY BIRD $220

  • FULL PRICE  $255

Bedroom 4 (shared room single twin) 

  • EARLY BIRD $205

  • FULL PRICE $240

Spots are limited to 8 guests


tentative schedule coming soon...

Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at




early bird prices are open until dec 15!

early bird prices are open until dec 15!


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